New Website

After using Portfoliobox for my sensual::bokeh website for more than a year I thought it was time for something new. The first thing I checked of course were different templates on the Portfoliobox website, and I tried a few and liked them but after a while I felt I needed something more different. So I started browsing for other online portfolio providers and there are quite a few such as Squarespace, Smugmug, Format etc., and they all seem to have their individual advantages and disadvantages. And of course there are the free alternatives such as Wix or Weebly. With those I was pretty clear that they would not deliver what I wanted, so I moved on and tried the three options above. Squarespace has interesting templates and nice designs, but I felt that the loading of the website was very slow on any device. Smugmug is great for storing and archiving pictures, but I found their designs less appealing. So I ended up with Format, where I liked the templates, design features and the iPhone app. What I did not like was the small preview in the collection pages, but there is always something you don’t like with any template or even any online portfolio service.

The basic website setup was really easy and quick, and after some initial searching and getting-used-to searches I was able to find my way around and do the things I wanted to do. Of course the picture collection took some time, but I always find it helpful to move to a new website and de-clutter the website. Over time there are too many pictures pictures piling up in any portfolio and it is good to be forced to make choices. In a way it is similar to moving houses, which also forces you to make those choices whether you really need the stuff or not. 

After having worked for a while now with Format and comparing it to Portfoliobox these are the key pro’s and con’s: + upload of large picture size possible, + better iOS app, more fluid picture scrolling on iPhone and iPad, + better blog implementation (although still a long way to go to reach Wordpress level), + domain rights managed by separate service provider, - more expensive.

So, here we go, this is my new sensual::bokeh website, thank you for visiting me  and just move around a bit and if you like let me know what you like and what not.

Using Format