New Profoto B2

Hmm, a new and expensive flash system in a world of higher ISO sensors and available light photography, does that make sense? I did not think so until I worked on a few shoots with a rented Profoto B2 flash system. My photography equipment dealer in Amsterdam told me, that I should be careful testing the Profoto flashes as most clients bought the system after they have tried it, but I was sure I was immune to that.  Well, as it turned out, I was not. The user experience and the results were so convincing that I eventually decided to buy a B2 flash system including some basic light shaping tools. And as I am using 2 camera systems (Nikon and Sony Alpha) I also had to take the painful decision to purchase two Air controllers, one for each system. Luckily they had a special offer that the first controller came for free, which reduced the pain a bit.

The user experience still is amazing, it just works. Well, one exception, initially the Sony controller did not trigger the flashes and I had to install the firmware update, but then also the Sony worked well. I have tried and bought several cheap flash systems, which somehow worked but never were so reliable as the Profoto B2’s. In hindsight I could have saved quite some money had I dropped the steps in between and would have gone right away to the Profoto B2 system, but that at least for me is water under the bridge.

The pictures here are from the first shoot with my new B2 flash system with Jade very early morning in Amsterdam.

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