about me

In photography, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. For me as a photographer this is one of the most inspiring creative elements beyond light, shadow and of course colors. My inspiration in photography is to make the next image I shoot always better than all previous shots. To do so I constantly challenge myself to further improve my style of photography and strive for the right balance between my signature look and new territories.

I am a freelance photographer based in Amsterdam trying to devote every spare moment on photography trying to capture beautiful and captivating images. The website showcases my fashion, lingerie and nude portfolio of stunning woman with whom I had the opportunity to work together on creating beautiful images.

'The sensation a beautiful image can cause is hard to describe in words. The fascination for photography got hold of me from an early age onward and developed even more over time and will always be a part of me. Photography enabled me to look different to everything around me and opened my eyes in so many ways.'

'The female form, beauty and emotion is intriguing and always changing. Working with models, getting to know them and capture them is a great privilege which I repect and treasure as a photographer. Throughout the years my work has grown in many aspects: technically, from a creative point of view and I am still developing new skills and discovering new challenges in photography I didn't know before.

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